The Facilities, Services and Staff at the Anza Animal Clinic

About The Anza Animal Hospital and Clinic, Drs. Stephen Watase and Melanie Spadaro, have years of expertise in treating a number of serious illnesses and conditions for animals. At the same time they take an active approach to prevent, helping animals stay healthy by performing regular health screenings, parasite control, and vaccinations. They also educate their patients about proper dietary requirements as well as basic first aid procedures when accidents or illnesses occur.

The facility, which is housed in a building that was once a veterinarian office, was designed and built to be able to handle all types of animal care, including veterinary care for cats and dogs. One of the features of this facility is the facility’s Veterinary Information Center. Here, animals are provided with information on their specific condition and the best treatment options available.

Other areas where veterinary care can be provided include the veterinary lab, which provides a safe environment for the animals to get proper medical attention. This area also includes a small animal pod where the animals can sleep during the day. The pod is large enough for the animals to lie down and stretch out as needed. As well as being conducive to a relaxed environment, the facility also has a large sized exercise area, as well as multiple cat and dog run areas.

A special section within the facility is called the Veterinary Office. Here, the vet office staff takes every opportunity to educate the animals on how to treat different illnesses and how to prevent any future illnesses from occurring. Additionally, these animals are given the opportunity to interact with a number of their other friends and family members and enjoy games such as Frisbee, as well as socializing in the large game room.

Many animal clinics have a number of veterinary services offered, but one of the most popular ones is the Emergency Services Department. The emergency team provides assistance to animals suffering from sickness, injuries and even natural disasters such as fires, tornadoes, floods and tornadoes. When an animal suffers a critical injury, the emergency team provides immediate treatment so the animal can be evaluated and treated.

In closing, the Anza Animal Clinic is a humane and well-equipped facility, and its staff is highly skilled. They offer all kinds of services that will help your pet stay as healthy as possible. Whether your pet needs a thorough physical exam, or you just need a checkup to make sure your pet is healthy, you’ll find it is easy to reach an experienced veterinarian at the Anza animal clinic.

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